Heathen Bikers Kinship

Enter the Heathen Bikers Kinship now!

The concept was born in the UK, but now we carry the torch in Texas.  We are the Heathen Bikers Kinship. We organized in 2002 and received the go-ahead from the local organizations to proceed that same year.   We are open to pagans and Heathens that share our enjoyment of motorcycles. All bikes, 2 and 3-wheeled are welcome over 250CC and capable of freeway speeds

In 2014 we have re-organized and expanded.  We are looking for reliable people that are committed to standing up for the rights of all pagans.  We proudly display Wiccan, Asatru, Druidic, Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Hindu, and other polytheistic symbols.  We believe in tolerance of all beliefs as long as those beliefs don't infringe on the rights or liberties of anyone else.  Currently there are members in San Antonio, Houston, and Katy.  If you are a pagan biker, or a biker sympathetic to the pagan/heathen cause, then feel free to write to us for membership info.  This is a Riding Club, and to join you must have a bike capable of freeway speeds.  Without a bike you can still participate in our events as a guest or passenger.   Passengers can become members if sponsored by a member.    

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